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Air plant
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How to care for Air plant

  • Light: Part sun, part shade

    Place in a window with dappled sun or a spot in the middle of a room. Or directly in a window facing west or east.

  • Fertilizing need: For Air plant

    Air plants don’t require much fertilizing, but feeding it once in a while will promote blooming and reproduction (pups!). Find more info below about how to fertilize your air plants.

  • Download Planta to get more accurate care instructions tailored to suit you and your plant's specific needs

Might be the perfect air plant to start with since it often adapts and doesn't need to be looked after that much. Read more

How to Fertilize Your Plant

Most plants require fertilizing every now and then to ensure that they get the right nutrients in order to stay happy and healthy.

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How to Mist Your Plant

Misting instructions

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