Watering Semi-hydro

Watering Semi-hydro

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How to water semi-hydro plants

Plants grown in semi-hydro is planted in an inert growing media and has a small reservoir of water. With the capillary action of the growing media and the plants roots it is wicking water from the reservoir. You can use most types of containers as pots, even a glass jar without drainage holes!

  • Make sure that the roots aren't in the actual water when it's newly converted or repotted. To prevent issues like root rot the roots shouldn't be fully submerged into the water.

  • If you use a tray or an outer pot as reservoir, make sure that the surface underneath isn't sensitive to moisture or that you have enough space between them to let air through. Even if the pot is glaced and the tray is solid condensation can form underneath it.

Semi Hydro Plant

Water refill

  • Pour water over the growing media or submerge the pot into water and make sure all of it gets a good rinse.

  • Fill up the reservoir with water so the bottom of the growing media reaches some of the water.

  • If you grow your plant in a container without drainage holes, such as a mason jar, you can fill up the jar with water and then pour out the excess.

  • It's good to now and then give the plant a good flush to prevent salt build ups. This can be done when adding fertilizer to the plant.

The water in the reservoir shouldn't go above 1/3 of the growing media — Planta tip

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