The best way to water your mixed outdoor container garden

The best way to water your mixed outdoor container garden

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How to water

Feel the soil: the top layer (about 5 inches) should be dry or just slightly moist before giving your mixed container garden water.

If the top soil is wet - snooze this action, we will remind you again in 2 days.

A medium watering needing container garden are somewhat drought-tolerant, so you don’t need to stress about them drying up a bit. — Planta tip

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Water over the soil

  1. Pour water over the soil, using, for example, a watering can or your garden hose.

  2. Continue adding water until you're sure that it has reached the whole root system of the plants.

  3. If you have a tray under the pot when watering, make sure you remove all the collected water afterwards - avoid leaving too much water on the tray. This is especially important during colder days, if you live in a climate with a colder season. On hot days most of the excess water will evaporate.


Containers and pots that are used outdoors should be provided with drainage holes at the bottom. You could risk overwatering your plants otherwise. Especially if it is exposed to rain.

If it has rained a lot on your mixed container garden you can add the "Rain" task to your app  — Planta tip