The Best Way to Take Care of Your Onions

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Onions


Onions need a lot of water when first planted, and then want less when the leaves begin to yellow and fall over.

When newly planted: keep soil slightly moist (but not wet) all the time

When leaves begin to yellow: let soil dry up slightly between waterings

If the soil is too wet - snooze this action, we will remind you again in 2 days.

Onion Watering 1

“Even if onions like water, they need excellent drainage, so make sure that the soil and the pot help excess water to run out. ” — PLANTA PRO TIP


  1. Pour water over the soil, using, for example, a watering can or put the plant directly under a tap

  2. Continue adding water to the pot until it starts to run out from the drainage holes

  3. If you have a tray under the pot when watering, make sure you remove all the collected water afterwards - never let your plant sit in water

  4. If you watered under a tap make sure that water has stopped running out from the bottom before putting it back

Onion Watering 2