The Best Way to Water Your Sphagnum Moss

The Best Way to Water Your Sphagnum Moss

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How to water moss

Sphagnum loves water and does not like to dry up, at all. So make sure to keep your moss continuously moist.

In nature, you’ll find Sphagnum moss in bogs, which means that it loves and thrives in really humid conditions.  — Planta tip

Moss Watering 1

How to take care of your sphagnum

  • You can place your Sphagnum directly on a tray/plate or with any type of medium under it (cloth, towel, fabric, dead peat moss). You might also use a lid with holes to keep your moss moist at all times.

  • Fill the tray with 1-2 inches / 2-5 cm of water

Moss Watering 2