The Best Way to Take Care of Your Lucky Bamboo

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Lucky Bamboo

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Water changes

Lucky Bamboo plants love water - especially clean water - so whether you keep your pretty Bamboo in a bottle, bowl, or in a vase, you’ll need to change the water from time to time.

If your Lucky Bamboo is placed directly in water, make sure that your Bamboo has enough water to cover the base of the roots. — Planta tip

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How to take care of your Lucky Bamboo

  • Carefully lift up your Bamboo and place it in a safe spot for now

  • Pour out all the water

  • Clean the bottle /bowl /vase

  • If you have pebbles /rocks in the vase with your bamboo, clean them as well

  • Fill your bottle /bowl /vase with clean tap water

  • If you like you can also clean the roots of your Bamboo by rinsing it under a soft jet of water

  • Put your Lucky Bamboo back in the bottle /bowl /vase

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