Care for plants in water

Care for plants in water

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How to water hydroponic plants

Growing plants in water is called Hydroponic cultivation. There are several ways to do this and there are even full systems to grow common indoor plants, herbs, vegetables etc. The most common hydroponic way to grow you plants at home is by using the passive hydroponic method.

Some things to consider

  • Make sure that your plant can grow in water. Some examples are Devil's ivy, Rubber plant, Jade plant, Spider plant, Peace lily, Monstera etc.

  • Make sure that the roots are clean from soil and that the container / vase you want to grow it in is clean.

  • If you use a transparent container: make sure that it doesn't get exposed to direct sunlight since that can focus the sun rays and concentrate them into potentially start a fire.


Water changes

Plants grown in water of course loves water - especially clean water - so whether you keep your plant in a bottle, container or bowl, you’ll need to change the water and clean the vessel from time to time.

  • Carefully lift up your plant and place it in a safe spot for now

  • Pour out all the water

  • Clean the bottle / bowl / vase / container

  • If you have pebbles / rocks in the bottom of the vessel, clean them as well

  • Fill your vessel with clean water

  • If you like you might also clean the roots of your plant by rinsing it under a soft jet of water

  • Put your plant back in the vessel

  • You can also add a few drops of fertilizer (suited for hydroponic cultivation)

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