The Best Way to Take Care of Your Caladium

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Caladium

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How to water

Caladiums need a lot of water during their growth period, but almost nothing at all from autumn to spring (during its dormant stage).

From when the leaves occur in spring until autumn: keep the soil just slightly moist (but not wet) all the time.

When the leaves begin to wither in autumn: Stop watering (you’ll get notified once or twice during the winter to water, but you can also skip it completely).

If the soil is too wet - snooze this action, we will remind you again in 2 days.


Water over the soil

  1. Pour water over the soil, using, for example, a watering can or put the plant directly under a tap

  2. Continue adding water to the pot until it starts to run out from the drainage holes

  3. If you have a tray under the pot when watering, make sure you remove all the collected water afterwards - never let your plant sit in water

  4. If you watered under a tap, make sure that water has stopped running out from the bottom before putting it back

Even if Caladiums like water, they need excellent drainage, so make sure that the soil and the pot help excess water to run out. — Planta tip

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