The Best Way to Water Your Airplants

The Best Way to Water Your Airplants

Care Instructions


  1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water

  2. Place your air plant in the water and let sit for 20-60 minutes

  3. Lift it up and make sure you shake off all excess water

  4. Place upside down on a towel in a bright place with good air circulation

  5. Let it dry for about 1-3 hours


Make sure the Air Plant is dry within 3 hours, and check that no water is left in the base.

Airplants 3

“Air plants will quickly rot if they are not properly dried after watering.” — PLANTA TIP


If your air plant is placed in a container or mounted on something making it hard to soak it, you can provide it with water by misting:

  1. Mist around your plant, and not into it, to avoid water getting logged in its base - which can cause it to rot

  2. For small containers: 1 spray

  3. Medium containers (3-5 inches): 2-3 sprays

  4. Large containers: 3 or more sprays 


Only misting your air plant is not the best way to give it water - but it might be the only way if it’s mounted on something or placed in a glass container. To ensure your plant's health, try to give it a good soak every now and then between misting.


“Air Plants are epiphytes, which means they live on other plants without taking any water or nutrition from them. ” — PLANTA TIP