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The Triostar Stromanthe, or Stromanthe thalia, is a stunning-looking plant with beautiful pastel striped foliage. It's native to the Brazilian jungles where they enjoy warm, humid conditions and dappled sunlight.

They're part of the Prayer Plant (Marantaceae) family, which includes many plants with 'dancing leaves'. That is to say, their leaves move around in response to light changes, and will close / open up when they are exposed to sunlight.

These plants can be easily recognized by their long, pointed leaves which show attractive patterning in shades of green, pink and cream with deep reddish-purple undersides.



This plant can be a tricky one to care for, but anything can be done with the right amount of light, humidity and water.

Tropical plants are known to be quite temperamental, but possibly the most important thing to maintain for your Stromanthe is humidity. They're accustomed to the high humidity of the rainforest, so bringing them into a typical dry air home environment can leave them looking unhappy if you don't supplement them with regular misting. To boost humidity further, you can set up a pebble tray for your Stromanthe, or even invest in a humidifier.

Try to make sure you keep it away from drafts, A.C units or artificial heating, as these things can further dry out your plant.

The soil should ideally be kept consistently moist, but not overly wet - no plant likes to sit in soggy soil! You can allow the top layer of the soil to dry out between waterings, but don't allow the entirety of the soil to dry out completely.

Like with other plants that show variegation, the lighter colored parts of the leaves can be susceptible to damage such as burn marks. If your Stromanthe gets too much direct sunlight, its leaves can form brown spots. If this occurs, move your plant somewhere a little shadier and try increasing the humidity around it.

Stromanthe 2


With the right care and a little patience, Stromanthes can grow impressively large - up to 3 feet (91 cm) tall - making them a great statement piece!

They can also become quite wide and bush-like. Try rotating yours regularly in order to ensure even growth all around.

If cared for properly it might even start to bloom to reward you for your patience.