String of Turtles

String of Turtles

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String of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata) is a perennial succulent native to the Brazilian rainforest. It's so-named as its patterned leaves resemble the shell of a turtle in both their design and their shape.

They're small and grow slowly so can make a great option if you're limited on space while still making an eye-catching statement. Their trailing nature also makes them a beautiful plant for hanging baskets.

Like other succulents, these plants are easy to care for and are well-suited to most indoor environments where it's warm and bright.

String of Turtles


The succulent nature of String of Turtles means that they can thrive on little water for prolonged periods of time, as they are able to store moisture in their fleshy leaves. Therefore, it's important not to water too frequently as this can easily lead to overwatering. Make sure to follow Planta's care schedule and always check the soil before watering again.

They'll do well in plenty of bright, indirect sunlight - they can handle some full sun as long as you protect your plant from the midday sun when it becomes too hot. Too much harsh sunlight can damage the leaves of your String of Turtles, which would be such a shame when their foliage is so pretty!

These are tropical plants and so they appreciate the warmth. Most homes are kept hot enough for String of Turtles plants, but as a rule, try to avoid letting the temperature fall below 55 °F (13 °C) if possible, as too low temperatures can cause these plants to drop their leaves.

String of Turtles 2


Note that it's completely normal for your String of Turtles' coloring to become a bit more muted as it ages, fading to a silvery-green and darker green combination (as opposed to the richer, more contrasting colors of a younger plant).