String of Hearts

String of Hearts

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Ceropegia linearis, commonly known as String of Hearts, is a beautiful trailing vine plant that makes a great choice for a hanging basket. It's a type of evergreen succulent originating from South Africa, and can be identified by its characteristic heart-shaped leaves.

In its natural environment, it can grow across the floor and knit together to form a dense ground cover. You can also sometimes find it growing along walls in regions with warm climates.

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Your String of Hearts will do best in an area with bright, indirect light and potted in a well-draining soil mix.

Don't water it too much and give it enough light and it will grow like crazy for years to come.

Like other succulents, String of Hearts is quite drought-tolerant and can suffer easily if given too much water. However, they do actually require somewhat more frequent watering than the majority of succulents. You should still allow the soil to dry out between waterings, but keep an eye out for wilting and 'deflated'-looking leaves: these are both signs that more water is needed. If you're unsure, though, it's better to hold off on watering - it's much easier to kill a String of Hearts by overwatering than by underwatering.

Also like most succulents, this plant prefers warmer temperatures and doesn't like frost. If you keep yours outdoors, make sure to bring it inside well before the seasonal temperature starts to drop.

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String of Hearts can show eye-catching variegation in shades of cream, silver, pink or variations of green, making them a wonderful display plant that is sure to get people talking.

By hanging it up somewhere high, you can allow its long stems to cascade down - they can grow to quite impressive lengths of up to around 9 feet (2.7 m)! It's also a fast grower.