Silver Nerve Plant

Silver Nerve Plant

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The Silver Nerve Plant, Fittonia albivenis, is named after Irish botanist sisters Sarah and Elizabeth Fitton who discovered the plant in the 1800s. It's native to the rainforests of South America and has since become a popular houseplant.

It's referred to as a 'Nerve' plant due to the striking leaf veins that run throughout its foliage - these can come in a number of different colors depending on the variety of Nerve Plant, such as red, purple, white, silver or pink.

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These beautiful plants can sometimes be a bit picky when it comes to their care. They need warmth, moisture, humidity and just the right amount of light.

Don't place it somewhere too bright and not too dark, don't water it too much and never ever let it dry up. It only accepts the perfect balance.

You should also try and make sure that your Silver Nerve Plant isn't exposed to drafts - dry air and / or drafts can cause their pretty leaves to shrivel up and fall off. You can boost the humidity by misting your plant regularly, and by creating a pebble tray for it to balance on.

Too much sunlight can also cause the leaves to dry up, so make sure not to place your plant somewhere with overly strong sun exposure.

Additionally, as much as Silver Nerve Plants love moisture, too much water can lead to root rot. Make sure yours is planted in a pot with drainage holes to prevent the soil from becoming too soggy, and keep an eye out for yellowing leaves (a telltale sign of overwatering).

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Silver Nerve Plants can be a bit 'nervous'(!) and will become shocked if they feel they are mistreated. For instance, they like warm conditions and so fluctuating temperatures can make them unhappy - try to keep it away from windows or other areas that might be exposed to cold air.

Likewise, you could upset it if you water your Silver Nerve Plant with water that is too hot or too cold. Try to stick to room temperature water if possible.

If you manage to replicate its tropical home conditions successfully then you'll be rewarded with a happy and lovely-looking plant that is sure to brighten up your home.