Molded Wax Plant

Molded Wax Plant

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The Molded Wax plant (Echeveria agavoides), or Molded Wax Agave, is a small stemless succulent with lush apple-green leaves and red tips alongside the bright green.

It is native to the rocky regions of Mexico, where it thrives in hot, dry conditions.

The bright red edges of this plant's leaves also gives it the alternative common name 'Lipstick Succulent', as they look a bit like they've been lined with lipstick!

Its Latin name agavoides translates to 'resembling Agave', referring to the genus which shares similar-looking species.

Molded Wax


Succulents are generally very easy-care plants that are great for beginners, and the Molded Wax succulent is no exception! Its hardiness and drought resistance mean it can survive a little neglect and can largely be left to its own devices. Also like other succulents, though, Molded Wax is not frost-resistant, so make sure to protect it from colder temperatures.

If you move this cutie outside in spring / summer: do it gradually so it can get used to the varying temperatures and light conditions.

Molded Wax loves sunlight - try to put it in a sunny spot where it will receive plenty of light. Note, though, that too much intense, hot sunlight can cause sunburn on the leaves. This is why you should introduce your plant to increased light exposure gradually.

They also only need a little water. You can allow the soil to dry out in between waterings, and you should never let your Molded Wax sit in water. Overwatering can easily kill a succulent, so if you're ever unsure if your plant needs water then it's better to wait before watering again.

Molded Wax 2


There are a number of different variations of Molded Wax which can show a range of coloring and patterning. For instance, some show a much more vibrant contrast between the red and green foliage, whereas others are more subtle. Colors can include, for example, deeper brownish reds or lighter pinkish reds.

Molded Wax plants only grow up to around 5 inches (12 cm) tall - this makes them one of the shortest Echeverias!

The more sunlight this plant gets, the more rich its coloring will be. If it starts to look a bit faded, try moving it to a brighter spot.