Dracaena Tree

Dracaena Tree

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The Dracaena Tree (Dracaena arborea) is a palm-like tropical perennial originating from West Africa.

They're part of the Asparagaceae family, which contains over 2900 species, the most well-known of which is common garden Asparagus.

These plants can grow very tall - up to 8 feet (2.4 m) indoors! In fact, the leaves themselves can grow as long as 2 foot (61 cm). These leaves are shaped a bit like daggers, fanning out from a central woody trunk that can grow quite thick to help prevent the tree from becoming top-heavy and toppling over.

Dracaena Tree 2


Dracaena Trees are very low-maintenance plants that can adapt well to a variety of conditions and tend to thrive in indoor environments, making them ideal houseplants, especially for beginners.

Keep yours in a well-draining soil in a pot with drainage holes to allow for any excess water to escape. Ensure that the pot is big enough to allow some room for growth - the looser the roots, the taller your Dracaena Tree can grow.

Be sure not to overwater your Dracaena Tree - no plant likes to sit in water, and waterlogged soil can quickly lead to root rot, so it's best to keep your plant slightly on the drier side.

Dracaena Tree


The 'Dracaena' name alludes to dragons, and comes from the fact that many Dracaenas secrete a red colored resin when they are cut or damaged. This resin was used as part of medieval alchemy, where it was believed to be dragon's blood.

Although they look a bit like Palm trees, Dracaena Trees are from an entirely different family. Like Palms, though, their fan-like fronds help make them wind-resistant, meaning they can do well even on windy balconies or breezy outdoor spaces. Just make sure the air they're exposed to isn't too cold (or too hot!) as this may damage the plant.