Donkey Tail

Donkey Tail

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The Donkey's Tail, or Burros Tail, plant (Sedum morganianum) is a type of succulent originating from Mexico and Honduras. Its name comes from its long, tail-like appearance. These 'tails' can grow up to 24 inches (60 cm) long, and fall in a trailing manner than makes them a great choice for hanging baskets.

Sedum morganianum


They're easy to care for, requiring quite infrequent watering - you can allow the soil to dry out between waterings - and can do well year-round in most indoor home environments which are typically kept warm and dry.

The leaves can easily fall off if you move / touch the plant but no need to worry, just put them back on the soil and new stems will grow.

When grown outdoors, they can produce pretty white, yellow or red flowers in the summertime. However, they are very unlikely to flower when kept as an indoor houseplant. If you want yours to flower, try moving it outside during the warmer months and ensuring it gets plenty of light.

Sedum morganianum


Donkey's Tails are non-toxic, making them a suitable houseplant option if you have pets and / or children.

Like other succulents, Donkey Tails store water in their leaves over long periods of time, allowing them to survive extended droughts in their native arid home. Although naturally they're used to hot temperatures, they can adapt to milder environments also. Just make sure they don't ever get too cold - succulents in general don't like frost, so if you live in a colder climate and you keep your Donkey Tail outdoors, make sure to bring it inside well before the winter frosts start.