Calathea Orbifolia

Calathea Orbifolia

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Calathea Orbifolia (or Goeppertia orbifolia) is a lush green tropical plant with large, round foliage which is easily recognized for its pretty striped patterning.

These plants are native to South America. The 'Goeppertia' name is in honor of the German botanist Heinrich Göppert, and was first described in 1831.

They can grow up to around 28 inches (70 cm) in both height and width and make an impressive centerpiece or table decoration.

Calathea Orbifolia


Like with other Calatheas, care for these plants can be a little tricky to get right. They can be quite picky, and will quickly start to look unhappy if something isn't to their liking.

For example, it's important to find the exact right balance when it comes to watering. You should try to never let your Calathea orbifolia's soil get too dry or too soggy - it needs to be somewhere in between. Although these plants appreciate some moisture, it's important that the soil they're planted in is well-draining as they can be very susceptible to root rot.

In their native environment, they grow on the forest floor in warm, humid rainforests. Therefore, most indoor home environments are too dry for these plants. You'll need to boost the humidity around your plant by regularly misting and / or making use of a pebble tray. You may even want to consider investing in a humidifier if you have several high humidity-loving tropical plants. Another option is to place this plant in your bathroom, where it will enjoy the steam coming from your shower - just make sure it gets enough light!

Because they're used to being shaded by the canopies of taller trees, this also means that their lighting requirements are a bit particular. Too much light can easily damage their beautiful leaves, but at the same time they are not low light plants - they still need sufficient sunlight in order to stay healthy and happy. Plenty of bright, indirect light is ideal. Be sure to keep an eye out for marks on the leaves: brown scorch marks can be a sign that your Calathea orbifolia is getting too much light.

Calathea Orbifolia 2


Calathea Orbifolia can actually produce small white or yellow flowers during the summertime. These last up to a few weeks before naturally dying off. However, it's very rare for these plants to flower if they're kept as an indoor houseplant, so don't be disappointed if yours doesn't ever flower - this is very normal.