Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion

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The Calathea Medallion (Goeppertia veitchiana) is a beautifully colored and patterned tropical plant that is sure to catch the eye of any visitors to your home. They're native to Brazil, where they live in dense rainforests - the canopies of taller trees help protect them from harsh, direct sunlight, which can burn their leaves. As such, they're known as a low light plant.

They're part of the Prayer Plant (Marantaceae) family, which includes many plants with 'dancing leaves'. That is to say, their leaves move around in response to light changes, and will close / open up when they are exposed to sunlight.

Calathea Medallion


Calatheas are known to be quite tricky to care for - they can be fussy and don't handle neglect or incorrect care very well. However, Calathea Medallions are actually some of the easiest to grow (at least compared to other Calatheas), so can be a good introductory plant to get you used to their care needs.

Place it in a warm and humid environment; a warm and steamy bathroom is perfect for it as long as it gets enough light.

They like indirect light, as they can be sensitive to developing burn marks if they get too much sunlight. If you start to notice brown leaf tips and scorch marks on the leaves, try moving your Calathea Medallion to a darker spot in your home.

Although these plants like moisture and humidity, no houseplant wants to be overwatered. Make sure it's never left sitting in water, but at the same time try to ensure that the soil doesn't ever entirely dry out, as this can quickly be detrimental to your Calathea's health.


There are many different kinds of Calatheas which show a range of different colors and patterns. Calathea Medallions can be identified by the pinkish-white 'painted' marks on their leaves, as well as the rich, dark purple-red underside.