Aloe massawana

Aloe massawana

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Aloe Massawana is a type of Aloe plant that is native to Tanzania and Kenya. However, their name actually comes from the city of Massawa in Eritrea, Eastern Africa, where they were first believed to originate from.

They are commonly misidentified as their relative, the common Aloe vera plant, and are often even marketed as a 'real' Aloe vera, but this is unfortunately not actually the case.



This plant is well-accustomed to drought, and it can go a number of weeks without water, making them a very easy-care plant that will do well even if left alone for the most part.

However, they don't like frost, so make sure not to keep yours outside if you live in a colder area.

A. Massawana needs bright light (with at least some protection from harsh, direct sunlight to avoid leaf scorch) and warm temperatures.

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They are considered to belong to the 'Vulnerable' ranking by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and are sadly continuing to decline. This is because their natural habitat is being threatened by urban development and tourism.