Saving an underwatered plant

Saving an underwatered plant

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Underwatering can result in a fair amount of damage to your plant. Luckily, an underwatered plant is much easier to save than an overwatered plant.


It can be hard to distinguish the difference between an underwatered or overwatered plant - since they might show similar signs. However, here a few things to look for:

  • Drooping - this is the most common one. When a plant is thirsty, the leaves will lose their stamina and start to droop over the edge of the pot

  • Growth may be very slow - underwatered plants don’t grow much

  • Leaves and flowers might fall off

  • The soil will feel dry



If the soil is very dry

  • First and foremost, make sure to give your plant plenty of water! In this case, it’s best to water over the soil, e.g. using a watering can, as it will be easier to see how the soil responds to the water than with other watering methods

  • Check after 30 min to see if the water has been completely absorbed by the soil - if it has, you can add some more. This will probably be much more than you would usually water, but it’s to try and make up for the previous underwatering

  • Check again after another 30 min if the water has been absorbed - if not, pour out the excess. It’s never a good idea to let your plant sit in water, even an underwatered plant

  • Register in Planta that you watered earlier than scheduled to update the care schedule (open the plant’s profile and then press on the + button to register an extra task)

If you feel like you need to water it more often than what Planta suggests - update the watering schedule under settings, or contact us and we will help you out with this!

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Warning! Giving your plant extra water can be very harmful if your plant isn't thirsty. If you aren't sure that underwatering is the cause of this problem - please contact us for further instructions before giving extra water!


HOW CAN I BE SURE MY PLANT IS UNDERWATERED? Checking the soil can help to determine the difference between an underwatered or overwatered plant. If the soil is dry, most likely your plant is underwatered. Make sure to check deep enough into the soil - sometimes the topmost layer may be dry, but it can still be wet further down in the pot. Hopefully you will be able to catch it before any severe damage is done, but a drastically underwatered plant will show distinct signs, such as shrivelling and dryness of leaves. This happens when a plant becomes very dried out.

HOW CAN I PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN? Hopefully, by following Planta’s care schedule, issues such as underwatering can be prevented. However, if you feel that the watering schedule isn’t frequent enough for your plant, then feel free to create a custom care schedule or to contact us for more advice on what to do.