What to do if your plant’s fertilizer smells

What to do if your plant’s fertilizer smells

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Sometimes fertilizers have an unpleasant smell. While this is very unlikely to cause harm to your plants, it might be a bit annoying in your home.


If the smell of your plant’s fertilizer bothers you, it may be a good idea to look into possible causes. Is it being stored correctly? Does it contain something that could be causing it to smell bad? If it is an organic fertilizer, it could also have gone bad, which could explain where the smell is coming from.

Planta recommends using liquid fertilizer - you can try a few different brands to see if you prefer one over another. Generally speaking mineral fertilizers are odorless while organic ones will usually have a more natural smell.

Simply put, some fertilizers don't smell like roses! Of the organic fertilizers available, some smell a bit less than others, but it's also a personal preference, so try searching around a bit for one that works for you.

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