What to do if your plant is growing obliquely

What to do if your plant is growing obliquely

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A lopsided/ unevenly growing plant can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore. It’s nothing to worry about, as it is very unlikely that it will harm your plant’s health, but if it bothers you then there’s a few things you can do to encourage it to start growing more evenly


Plants grow towards the light - their food source - which is why they can sometimes grow to look as if they are ‘reaching’ for the sun. It could be a sign that your plant needs a little more light than it is currently getting, or that its current light source is too uneven. This typically isn’t a problem as long as your plant isn’t showing other symptoms, but could potentially lead to other issues such as leaning, being top-heavy or unbalanced etc.

Plant growing obliquely


In order to encourage more even growth, you can try moving it to a sunnier location. Just make sure that the type of plant is suitable for a higher light level, as some plants are more sensitive than others to bright sunlight- you can check the suitability by going to your plant’s ‘Info’ tab.

You could also rotate your plant on a semi-regular basis in order to stimulate growth in each direction. Just turn the opposite side of your plant pot to face the sunlight every now and then, and you should hopefully see a difference in the way that the leaves grow, as this way you’ll be making sure that the plant receives light on all the leaves.