How to straighten a leaning plant

How to straighten a leaning plant

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Why is my plant growing unevenly?

Plants grow towards the light which is why they can sometimes develop a lean or stems that grow very long before developing leaves. It could be a sign that your plant needs a little more light than it is currently getting, or that its current light source is only coming from one direction. This typically isn’t a problem as long as your plant isn’t showing other symptoms of ill health, but could potentially lead to other issues such as leaning, being top-heavy or unbalanced etc.

Plant growing obliquely

What to do now

  • Move it to a brighter location. Just make sure that the type of plant is suitable for a higher light level

  • Even plants that can handle direct sunlight might need to be acclimated slowly to not get burnt.

  • Using a grow light to substitute light from above might help give your plant a fuller and more symmetrical growth.

  • Avoid placing plants in corners, against walls, or near furniture that will block the light.

  • If you have a plant that lives against a wall, it may be good to rotate it every couple of weeks to prevent leaning