What to do if your plant suddenly drops flowers and foliage

What to do if your plant suddenly drops flowers and foliage

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It can be alarming to see your beautiful plant suddenly lose all of its flowers or leaves! Typically, it can be a sign of stress, which some plants are more susceptible to than others


If you’ve recently moved your plant to a new site within your home or if it is suddenly having to get used to a new environment, such as if you’ve moved to a new house or have just taken it home from the store, it may start to exhibit signs of stress damage.

Some plants can be particularly sensitive to change, as it can be overwhelming for them to adjust to different light, temperature and humidity conditions (among other things). One of the most common ways that a plant will show that it is stressed is when it drops its flowers, buds and leaves.

crassula dropping leaves


Your plant just needs to take some time to rest - have patience and keep an eye on it as it settles in its new surroundings and recovers from the stress. Just make sure it isn't placed too dark since this can cause similar symptoms. Eventually, it should start to produce buds and flowers again. Once it does, take care not to move it again if at all possible.