Why leaves, buds, and flowers drop when moved

Why leaves, buds, and flowers drop when moved

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Why is this happening?

If you've brought home a new plant, or recently moved your plant to a new environment, it may start to exhibit signs of stress. Some plants can be particularly sensitive to change, as it can be overwhelming for them to adjust to different light, temperature and humidity conditions. This can especially be the case when you bring an outdoor plant inside for the winter.


  • Dropping flowers, buds and leaves

  • Dropping of Fruit

  • Changes in Flowering Patterns

dropp leaves ficus

What to do now

  • Have patience and keep an eye on it as it settles into its new surroundings and recovers from the stress

  • Make sure it isn't placed in an area that's too dark since this can cause similar symptoms

  • Once it has settled in, avoid stressing it by moving it again

  • While your plant is stressed it might also be drinking less water, so you need to be careful when watering.

Common questions

Can I buy plants during the darker season?

If you live in a climate that has shorter days during fall and winter, your newly acquired plants can easily get stressed when bringing them home. That is because they've been used to growing in a green house with plenty of light, and other beneficial factors such as higher humidity and regular watering. By providing them with extra light the first couple of weeks you can help reduce leaf drop.

Do I need to increase the humidity in my home?

If your tropical plant was previously grown in very humid conditions, you might need to slowly acclimate it to the less humid environment. Temporarily increasing the humidity around your plant during the first couple of weeks is a good way to help it out. Note that some plants require high humidity and will be better growing in a terrarium or green house.