What to do when your Orchid has stopped flowering

What to do when your Orchid has stopped flowering

It can be alarming when your orchid suddenly stops flowering, especially if it doesn’t flower for a long time. But don’t worry - it’s possible that it will flower again!


It’s actually totally normal for an orchid to go through a cycle of flowering and then not flowering. It varies how long each stage lasts.

For instance, when you first buy your orchid it most likely will already have many flowers. These could last for several weeks, but then could all fall off and not reappear for as long as a year! It can be tempting to throw away your plant when this happens, but you should first check on its health. As long as there don’t seem to be any other underlying issues (such as overwatering), it’s likely that it will flower again at some point, and may even repeat this cycle multiple times!

Orchid stops flowering


When your orchid is done flowering, all you need to do is cut down the flower stem in order to encourage it to flower again. Cut it close to one of the nodes (or joints) on the stem, as this will stimulate the growth of another flower stem over the next few months.

You can also take a few steps to help provide an ideal set-up for flowering, such as establishing a lower temperature around your orchids at night time, as orchids are developed to be accustomed to a night-time temperature drop. A lack of drop is one of the most common reasons why an orchid may refuse to flower. Placing it close to a window can be a good way to create this effect, but if this still doesn’t seem to help then you may need the drop to be even greater: consider turning down your thermostat at night-time.