Dusty leaves

Dusty leaves

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Dusty leaves can detract from the beauty of your plant's foliage. It can also pose a health risk and cause growth.


Dust from your home can just as easily settle on your plants as any other surface. If not cleared off, it can coat the leaves in a thick layer that could block the light from reaching the leaf's surface leading to slowed growth.

Some homes are dustier than others so just keep an eye on your plant's leaves. Some will catch it more easily that others— particularly sturdy or large-leaved plants. As a premium user the app will notify you when it's time for a cleaning, and which plants will need it.

Cleaning plant


As soon as you notice dust accumulation on your houseplant, it's time to clean it. If the buildup is extensive, you could place your plant in the shower or sink and wash any debris off the leaves with room temp or lukewarm water. Check to make sure that the water pressure isn’t too harsh - you don’t want to risk damaging your plant in the process. Once you’re done, let it drain for a while and dry off. You can also cover the pot by placing it in a plastic bag before showering the plant. This protects the soil and prevents overwatering.

If the plant is too large/heavy to move, you can take a damp cloth or duster to gently clean the leaves individually. Of course, be gentle with the leaves. Some plants can be more sensitive to being handled than others, and you don’t want to stress them out!


Planta will tell you when to check if your plant needs cleaning. Not all plants require this, so if you never receive a reminder for this, then don’t worry - it’s just because it’s not needed for that particular plant. This may be because they have delicate leaves or aren't prone to catching dust.

Additionally, regularly misting your plant can help to prevent dust buildup, so be sure to follow Planta’s misting schedule (again, not all plants require misting - you can check this under the plant’s ‘Info’ tab).