Transplant plant into Semi-Hydro

Transplant plant into Semi-Hydro

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Transplant your plant into Semi-Hydro

Semi-hydro, short for semi-hydroponics, has several benefits to it. The main benefit is Reduced Soil-Related Issues: Semi-hydro eliminates problems associated with traditional soil-based growing, such as compacted soil, uneven moisture distribution, and nutrient imbalances. And transplanting a house plant into semi-hydro isn't too tricky. It's like giving your plant a cool new home with a different kind of setup.

Here's how you can do it

You'll Need:

  • A suitable House plant

  • Semi-hydroponic container

  • Inorganic substrate: Hydroton, Pumice or LECA

  • Optional: Slow release fertilizer for hydroponic plants

Syngonium wendlandii Semi-hydro pumice


  1. Prep the Substrate: Rinse the substrate if necessary. LECA, Pumice and Perlite is usually quite dusty and needs to be rinsed before use. - Optional: Mix in slow release fertilizers.

  2. Prep Your Pot: Get your semi-hydro container ready. Pour a layer of the substrate of your choice. Fill it so it's about an inch or two deep.

  3. Clean the Roots: Take your house plant out of its old pot. Gently shake off most of the old soil from the roots. Remove the rest of the soil carefully. You can use a brush or clean it under running water. The key is to remove all the soil. Prune any roots that are dead or shows signs of rot.

  4. Into the New: Place your plant on top of the clay balls in the new container. Hold it steady.

  5. Fill 'Er Up: Gently pour more clay balls around the plant. Fill it up so the roots are covered. Gently tap on the side of the pot to get the substrate in place. Make sure your plant is stable.

  6. Water Check: Rinse the substrate through the pot and add some water into the reservoir, just enough to touch the bottom layer of clay balls. Your plant will slurp up water through the clay balls as needed.

  7. Add it to Planta: Don't forget to add the repotting task to Planta, and make sure you've added all the correct settings for it.

  8. Settle In: Put your new semi-hydro plant in a bright spot. Let it chill and adjust to its new home.

  9. Keep an Eye: Watch how your plant responds. You might need to adjust the water level or nutrients as it grows.

And there you go! Your plant is now a semi-hydro superstar. It might take a bit for your plant to get used to the new setup, but with some love and care, it'll thrive in its trendy new home.