Yellow leaves

Yellow leaves

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There are a few different potential causes of yellowing leaves. These include: overwatering and/or lack of drainage, age, the plant being sensitive to lime (i.e. it’s being watered with too-hard water), incorrect fertilization or incorrect light conditions.

Make sure that you’re following your plant’s watering schedule so that it isn’t getting too much water. It’s also important that your plant is potted in a pot with sufficient drainage - it should have holes at the bottom and should also be an appropriate size for your plant. If it’s too small, the roots won’t have enough room, which will affect their ability to take up water.

Also check to see if it’s getting the right amount of fertilizer - not too much and not too little. You can reach out to the Planta team if you want help with this.

Finally, if your plant is getting too much sun or not enough, both can actually lead to yellow leaves! The type of light needed varies depending on plant type, so you should ensure that your plant is getting the appropriate amount of light. Some are more sensitive to direct sunlight than others.

Yellowing Leaves