Yellow leaves

Yellow leaves

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Why are my plants getting yellow leaves?

There are many potential causes of yellowing leaves. Yellowing leaves are inevitable when caring for plants. A few yellowing leaves now and then is natural and part of your plants life cycle. As a plant grows and ages, it will naturally get rid of its oldest leaves. The new foliage might shade the older leaves or they may just be spent. Leaves doesn't last forever!


  • Yellow leaves

  • Leaf loss

Yellowing Leaves

Common causes

The most common reasons for yellowing leaves include overwatering or inadequate drainage, plant age, prolonged periods of drought, infestations by pests, or insufficient exposure to adequate light.

What to think about

Make sure that you’re following your plant’s watering schedule so that it isn’t getting watered too often or allowed to dry out too much. It’s also important that your plant is potted in a pot with sufficient drainage - it should have holes at the bottom and should also be an appropriate size for your plant. If it’s too small, the roots won’t have enough room, which will affect their ability to take up water.

Don't forget the size of the cache pot. A snugly-fitting outer pot can close off the air flow and cause a lot of condensation which could potentially cause root rot and yellowing leaves.

The type of light needed varies depending on plant type, so you should ensure that your plant is getting the appropriate amount of light. Lack of sufficient light is one of the most common issues that causes yellowing leaves and leaf loss on house plants.

A pest infestation can also cause yellowing leaves. Especially spider mites aphids and thrips. Examine your plant throughly to rule out any on going pest infestation.

And last but not least. Check to see if your plant is getting the right amount of fertilizer - both too much and too little fertilizer can damage your plant. Use the correct fertilizer for your plant and follow the directions on the product label.