White Spots

White Spots

Want to learn more about Symptoms: White Small Spots (cystoliths)

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What are the white spots?

White spots on your plant may be mineral deposits or something called cystoliths. Mineral deposits are naturally occurring. Cystoliths are the excretion of minerals through specialized cells called Lithocysts. None of these are necessarily harmful to the plant and doesn't have to mean there's some issue going on.


  • Pale, whitish spots

  • Hard droplets

  • Often excrete their minerals on the underside of the leaf

White spots

Common causes

It might be an indication the plant is grown in slightly higher humidity or that it's on the verge of being slightly overwatered, but not necessarily.

What to think about

Can often be gently wiped off the leaf, but you don't have to in order for the plant to grow well.

They're quite commonly seen on the rubber plant (Ficus elastica), Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides) and Jade plant (Crassula ovata) as smooth white dots. Cystoliths can be found on some begonias and cissus species.

They can sometimes be mistaken for spider mites in color and size. While mites move on the leaves if looking closely, these are still and have a somewhat symmetrical and regular distribution on the leaf.