Snails Eating the Leaves

Snails Eating the Leaves

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If you start to notice holes appearing on your plant's leaves, it's likely that this could be the result of snails.

Snails are a very common nuisance in many gardens and plant collections. Indoor plants are typically safe from snails, but if you tend to place them outside during the warmer seasons then, unfortunately, snails can be an unwelcome visitor.

They’re not fussy and will eat almost any plant, chewing straight through tender leaves and causing significant holes to form. If left unchecked they can cause a fair bit of damage, so it's a good idea to try and catch this problem early.

The holes may appear roughly circular at first, but more likely the shapes will be irregular. As the snails continue to eat the leaves, multiple holes can join together to form bigger holes, resulting in large negative spaces in the foliage.


The damage from snails is usually restricted to the leaves of your plants, causing holes to form where they have fed on the plant (as they eat the tissue itself).

If you check around your plant, you'll probably be able to find them on the underside of the leaves, on the stem, in the soil or under the pot - they tend to like to find places to hide, so be sure to look in any shadowy nooks around your plant.

You can also look out for slime trails on or around your plants, as these are a clear sign that snails have been nearby recently.

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