Yellow Leaves - Pilea peperomioides

Yellow Leaves - Pilea peperomioides

Want to learn more about Plant Symptoms - Yellow Leaves (Poor drainage / Overwatering) Pilea peperomioides

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Yellow leaves aren’t always a sign of poor plant health - if it’s only a few of the older leaves that turn yellow every now and then, it can actually just be a sign that your Pilea is getting older. New leaves will come eventually, so you can either let the old leaves fall off on their own or pluck them off if you find them to be unsightly.

However, if instead it's the new leaves of your Pilea that are turning yellow, it could mean that your Pilea is getting watered too much, which could in turn lead to further problems.

If you’re unsure whether the yellowing of the leaves is normal or if it’s a sign of overwatering, you should keep an eye on your plant’s overall health. Overwatering can be very harmful to a plant, so it’s likely that it will start showing other symptoms of damage.

Underfertilized pilea

One quick way to check if overwatering is the cause of the yellowing leaves is to feel your Pilea’s soil - if it stays wet for a prolonged time after watering, you should hold off watering until it has had the chance to dry out somewhat.

Make sure that your plant pot has sufficient drainage, as yellowing leaves can also be a consequence of poor drainage. Ensure that the pot has holes in the bottom wherever possible, and never allow your Pilea to stand in water for a prolonged period of time. You should always empty out any water that collects on the dish under your plant.