Oblique Plant

Oblique Plant

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If your plant seems to be growing obliquely, meaning that it appears lopsided / uneven, it's usually not anything to worry about - it can just be a bit of an eyesore!

However, sometimes it may be an early signal that something is wrong with your plant's lighting setup. Plants grow towards any light that they find, as this is their food source. If the light source is plentiful then this typically isn't noticeable, as the growth is even and its foliage will spread out in a more well-rounded way.

If your plant is kept somewhere that's a little too dark, though, it can start to grow in a way that makes it look like it is reaching out towards the sun, because essentially it is! This can also happen if the light source is too uneven.

Again, this isn't necessarily something you need to worry about unless your plant isn't getting enough light to stay healthy (in which case you'll likely notice additional symptoms, as your plant's wellbeing will suffer). But if the leaning becomes severe, it may eventually lead to your plant becoming top-heavy and unbalanced to the point where it may topple over!

Leaning Plant

If it's not possible for you to move your plant to a location where it is provided with a more even light source, you can try rotating it regularly instead to help promote even growth. Then, any leaning that occurs as your plant stretches towards the sun is essentially cancelled out, as it will occur on each side of the plant.

It's also important that if you suspect that your plant isn't getting enough light, you should make sure to move it to a brighter spot in your home. Plants that don't get sufficient sunlight aren't able to photosynthesize efficiently, which can, in the long term, be very damaging.