Larvae Eating the Leaves

Larvae Eating the Leaves

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Holes appearing in the leaves of your plant can be a jarring and unsightly symptom. One possible cause for these holes is Insect Larvae - these are the young forms of insects that feed on plant material. There are many different types, and they're not typically fussy about the types of plants they eat.

Larvae mainly harm the leaves of your plants, causing irregularly-shaped holes to form as they eat the leaf tissue. If left unchecked, these holes can get bigger and affect more and more of the plant until its ability to photosynthesize properly may be compromised.

They can be found on the underside of leaves, on the stem, in the soil or under the pot - so be sure to check your plant all over and physically remove any larvae you find.

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The appearance of Larvae can differ greatly depending on the type, but they generally tend to look a little bit like small caterpillars or worms.

When checking your plant, if there are other symptoms aside from holes in the leaves (such as discoloration or other marks on the foliage) then it may be indicative that the problem is caused by something other than Larvae - be sure to eliminate other types of pest or problems with watering.

Plants that are kept indoors are less likely to have problems with Larvae than those that are kept outdoors, but it is still possible that they'll be brought in, for example, when introducing a new plant to your collection, so it's a good idea to check over your plant every now and then.

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