Holes in leaves

Holes in leaves

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Why are there holes in the leaves?

The two most typical causes of holes in the leaves of your plant are Shot hole disease or insects. Shot hole disease, or Coryneum blight, is a fungal disease that can commonly occurs on fruit trees, leading to spots on the leaves that eventually develop into a hole.


  • Purplish or reddish spots

  • Circular to irregular holes in leaves

Shot hole disease

Common causes

It typically arises in wet conditions, such as after prolonged rainy periods, and can be spread by splashing water.

Some types of insects feed directly on plant leaves, leaving holes and other damage to the plant. The most common types are caterpillars and sawfly larvae. Snails and slugs can also cause this kind of damage. Make sure to check the undersides of the leaves regularly, as this is often where pests will hide. Some insects can be manually removed, but more advanced infestations may require the use of a pesticide.

What to think about

If you believe that your plant may be infected with shot hole disease, it’s a good idea to avoid overhead watering for a while to help minimise the spread. It may be necessary to use a fungicide.