Fluffy White Pests

Fluffy White Pests

Want to learn more about Plant Symptoms - Fluffy White Pests (Mealybugs)

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Fluffy white pests on your plants are likely a Mealybug infestation. Any plant can be affected by Mealybugs, but some are more prone than others. For instance, they're typically drawn to plants that are rich in juices, as it's the juices that they feed on. Therefore, commonly affected plants include cacti, succulents and citrus trees.

Mealybugs also like soft/new growth, therefore it’s important to avoid overwatering or overfertilizing your plant: Planta’s care schedules can help you with this.



Signs of a Mealybug infestation are typically easy to recognize as they are quite distinctive. Examples of what to check for are:

  • Small white pests that look as if they're fluffy

  • Cotton-like, white wax on the plant

  • Leaves with yellow spots

  • Yellowing leaves that eventually fall off

  • Black mold

Sometimes the waxy substance on your plant can be misidentified as mold, however, this can be distinguished by its wet, sticky texture.

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