Flower Buds Fall Off

Flower Buds Fall Off

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There are a number of possible reasons why your plant could be dropping or losing flower buds - it may be an indication that the growing conditions aren't favourable for flowering, but it could also be an indication of other issues with your plant.

One problem that can cause the dropping of flower buds is exposure to cold air. To tropical plants a cold draft in a window sill, or even bringing the plant home unprotected a cold day can be enough for the plant to lose buds. It can also happen if it's placed over a heater.

Other than that, a plant usually loses buds if the growing conditions are changed from what it's used to. Low light or too much direct sunlight, as well as the soil drying too much or the plant being overwatered are issues that affect both flowering but also the plant's overall health if too severe.

One example of a plant that commonly drops flower buds if the growing conditions change too much is the moth orchid (Phalaenopsis). Since it's a plant you often buy in a budding stage it's important not to expose it to low temperatures when bringing it home. Placing it in a bright area but not in direct sunlight, sheltered from cold draft will make it happy.

Flower Buds

If you're unsure of which particular problem may be causing this symptom in your plant, you should take a look at its overall health and see if it's showing any additional symptoms. For example, if the cause is overwatering, it's likely that the soil will seem overly wet, the foliage may be yellow and drooping and, in particularly bad cases, the roots may have started to go soft and mushy - this is a sign of root rot.

On the other hand, shriveled up leaves and excessively dry soil may be a sign that your plant isn't getting enough water, and so this may be why your plant has lost its buds.