Reusing and upcycling for your plants

Reusing and upcycling for your plants

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Reusing and upcycling

Buying new pots and everything that goes with them can be expensive. Check out these do-it-yourself alternatives for all your houseplant projects.


Repurposing Containers

Many collectors eventually find themselves with overflowing shelves of propagations and small plants. A lot of these guys just need a temporary home to grow some good roots so rather than running out to buy new tiny pots, you might just want to have a look around the house.

Plastic yogurt cups, metal tins, and even empty ice cream containers are the perfect size for a young plant to get started. All of these are easy to cut drainage holes into as well. Yogurt cups are especially perfect for small propagations and you won't have to disturb the plant when you give it away, just send it container and all.

Glass jars and bottles can be really useful as well. Just be sure you choose the right container for the right plant. Water, moss, and perlite propagations are all perfectly suited for non-porous containers, like a recycled glass jar.

While most can be used for propagating or nursery pots, there are few that are perfect for starting seeds: Milk jugs, large soda bottles, and clear plastic cups. These can all be used to create a tiny greenhouse for your seedlings.

Milk jugs are especially good for vegetable seeds you want to start outdoors before the weather really warms up. The enclosed space will keep the sprouts insulated from frost and the semi-opaque plastic allows light through without scorching the delicate plants inside.



Many of our indoor plants would love a trellis to climb and while it might be tempting to buy one, making one yourself is super simple.

For smaller, slower growing plants, a small trellis will provide plenty of support. Just bend a wire clothes hanger into a hoop and stick the hooked end into your pot. Wrap some twine around it to make it cute and easy for your plant to grip.

Larger plants might need a bit more space to grow. Pothos wall anyone? A few adhesive hooks and a bit of cleverly strung cording provides the perfect space to train your vining plants.

Re-use, redecorate, and recycle

Repurposing containers and materials for your houseplants is a fun and cost effective way to grow and share your collection. Everyone's got something that would be a perfect mini greenhouse or propagation station just lying around. Take a look and see what you can create.