Deadhead Pinching Your Plant

Deadhead Pinching Your Plant

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  • Hold the faded flower between your finger and thumb and pinch it off

  • If your plant has flowers growing from stalks (like geraniums), snap off the entire stalk right next to its base (from where the stalk starts growing)

  • Grasp the wilted leaf near the branch / stem of the plant and gently pinch it off

  • It’s good to also remove wilted leaves and dead plant parts collected in and around the pot

  • You can also use a hand pruner to cut the old flowers and leaves off

Deadhead pinching


No, but it’s a great way to keep your plant fresh and blooming for the whole season.

Flowers are formed so the plant can produce seeds - to propagate. When the flowers mature and eventually start to wither, your plant will focus its energy on producing seeds instead of more flowers. But if you regularly remove the spent flowers before they go to seed, your plant will continue setting more flowers.

By removing withered leaves and dead plant parts from the plant / pot, you also reduce the risk of pests.

“Remove withered flowers and leaves to stimulate new flowering and growth.” — PLANTA TIPS