How to Cut Back Your Plant

How to Cut Back Your Plant

Want to learn more about Pruning cut back one third

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This type of pruning is only necessary if your plant has grown rather big and is in good health and has strong growth overall. Pruning it back about a third can promote a denser, bushier and fuller growth long term. You should skip this task for seedlings, cuttings and smaller plants that must have more time to grow bigger before doing this.

The goal is to remove about 1/3 of an unbranched twig, and focus on branches that looks leggy and woody. You can remove even more if you think it might be needed.


  1. Use a clean pair of scissors

  2. Measure from the top of a branch, and remove 1/3 of it

  3. Make the cut just over a node of leaves

  4. Repeat on all branches that look leggy or woody

Pruning - Cutting back

“Cut back your plant to help it grow fuller and bushier.” — PLANTA TIPS