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Progress Event

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Get individual care schedule and reminders for your plant with our app Planta. Never kill a plant again!

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How is your plant doing?

Once per month we’ll ask you to check on the health of your plant, add new pictures and maybe write a small note. Keeping a plant journal can give you some great insights into your plant’s health and growth.  We also think it’s a nice bonus that, at the same time, you’ll create a beautiful flow of pictures and notes for your plants.


Use the slider under the plant icons to set the current health of your plant. If you mark it as fair or bad, we will ask if you need help from our Plant Bot ‘Doctor Planta’.  Doing regular health checks for your plants is a great way to make sure everything is alright and to be sure to catch any bad events in time.


Tap on the camera icon to add new pictures of your plant. If you like, you can also write a small note if you, for example, wish to remember something you did.


No, of course not, it’s optional. However, keeping a journal of your plants can be really fun; you’ll be able to see how they grow, develop new leaves, perhaps even flower and evolve over time. You will also get a beautiful flow of pictures and insight into your plant’s progress. 

But, if you like, you can turn the plant progress notifications off by going into Settings > Profile Settings > Care