Preparing Your Plants For Spring

Preparing Your Plants For Spring

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The spring is on its way and it’s time to start preparing your plant for the new season. Finally!


  • Move your plant into the light If you placed your plant in a dark place during the winter, it’s now time to find a new, bright place for it - but avoid direct sun.

  • Frost risk Before placing your plant outside, make sure the risk of frost is gone.

  • Shelter from the first sun The spring sun can be very intense. So, when placing your plant outdoors, pick a spot that is protected and semi-shaded. Also cover the leaves with micro mesh to slowly help it get used to the new season.

  • More water and nutrition When the days are getting longer and warmer your plant will need more water and nutrition, we have therefore updated the care schedule for this plant now and the tasks will show up in the plant’s to-do list.

  • Pruning & Repotting Some plants also need a spring pruning and repotting - if this is the case, these actions will soon show up in your plant’s to-do list.

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