Prepare for winter

Prepare for winter

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Overwintering Outside

Even if this plant can handle life outside during winter there are still some things you can do to protect its roots and help it survive until spring

  1. Shelter it from rain / snow Cold isn't actually the worst thing during winter - a lot of rain or snow (that melts from time to time) will cause the soil to stay wet for a long time since the cold temperatures will keep it from evaporating, and since your plant is resting it therefore doesn't need as much water. If the soil is wet when the temperatures drop below freezing it might harm the roots, or in the worst-case scenario kill the plant. So, move your plant to a spot where it's somewhat protected from heavy rain / snow.

  2. Wrap it up There are several ways to wrap up your plant during winter. You can use bubble wrap, burlap, old blankets, isolated pots suited for winter or even sleeping mats that you cut into pieces. You can then wrap the pot, wrap the stem, wrap the leaves etc. but the most important thing is mostly to protect the roots, so make sure that they're sheltered.

  3. Keep an eye on the temperature Even if this plant can handle some tough temperatures it can sometimes be too much for it, so keep an eye on the thermometer and if needed then move your plant to a warmer spot until the freezing days are over. Recommended temperature for this plant:

  4. Reduce watering A resting plant requires very little water, so make sure to reduce the watering frequency and amount. If needed then snooze / skip any tasks.

  5. Stop fertilizing During the time your plant is resting, it won't need any fertilizing.

Overwintering outdoor


When it gets darker outside and the temperature starts to drop, most plants go into a dormant state - which is crucial for almost all plants to survive. During the dormant state, the plant will stop growing, reduce its water intake, and it might even shed some of its leaves.