Next steps?

Next steps?

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Get individual care schedule and reminders for your plant with our app Planta. Never kill a plant again!

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Next steps?

In addition to all the reminders and instructions you also have as a premium user access to the feature Dr Planta. Has your plant got yellow leaves, do you see something crawling on the stem or does the plant have brown leaf tips? No worries, Dr. Planta can help you diagnose your plant and provide you with an appropriate treatment plan. If you want a second opinion, you can always write to us in support and our plant experts will take another look at your plant.

Planta also uses your location data to give you the correct local weather. The weather and temperature are used to schedule your watering tasks as accurate as possible. The weather data is used to alert about weather conditions, for example when you need to give your plants extra care because of heat waves, or when there will be freezing temperatures and you need to protect your plants. Planta also notify you whenever it has rained on your outdoor locations.

Follow the recommendations from Planta and enjoy your now healthy and thriving personal jungle.

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