Hoya linearis

Hoya linearis

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Hoya linearis is native to the Himalayas and can grow up to 6.5 feet tall (2 meters).

Hoyas have become more and more common and many are readily available in stores. This one, however, can be a bit tricky to find and growers have been struggling to keep up with the demand.

The leaves are thin, small, and soft with downy hairs. The flowers are white and are reported to be lemon-scented.

hoya linearis


According to many growers, it has been shown that Hoya linearis has a weaker root system than many other hoyas. It also has thinner leaves which means it can't hold water quite as well as other hoya species. You'll need to check the soil before watering and be sure to plant your hoya in soil with good drainage and always use a pot with drainage holes.

These plants like bright, indirect light-- such as light that is filtered through a sheer curtain or diffused through a room. Avoid placing your H. linearis somewhere that receives lots of intense, harsh sunlight.

Although they can survive in relatively low light conditions, if you want yours to bloom and thrive you'll need to provide it with ample light.

Try to keep your Hoya linearis in a warm room with high humidity - they're a tropical plant so they're used to a rainforest environment. This can be hard to replicate in your home, but you can supplement the dry indoor air with regular misting and / or use of a pebble tray.

hoya linearis


Generally, it usually takes from 3-5 years for it to grow to full size.