Grow fruit and veggies indoors!

Grow fruit and veggies indoors!

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Grow fruit and veggies indoors

It's certainly not everyone who has access to an outdoor space such as a garden, balcony or an allotment. But you can still grow a lot of different veggies and herbs, as long as you have some space and a good source of light. Here's a guide with suitable crops and what to think about to get a good harvest.

Tomato window

What is required to successfully grow edible plants?

Light: First of all you need to a have a good source of light. Plenty of natural light via a window during the summer or proper grow lights is required. Producing fruits and veggies requires a lot of energy from the plants and light is their main source of energy. So you can't skip this part.

Space: Tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits and veggies takes up some space so make sure you have room for them to grow. They will need to grow in your window or you're gonna have to supplement the plants with grow lights.

Healthy plants: Buy seeds or plants that are healthy and fertile. Avoid plants that looks wilted or unwell and make sure you inspect them properly for pests and disease before you decide to bring them home.

Nutrients: As mentioned before your plant is going to require a good amount of energy and that also includes nutrients. A good sized pot and repotting during the growth, good quality soil and a frequent supply of fertilizer is required. So make sure you have all of these at hand before you start.

Regular check ups: Most of the crops that you grow for food is highly susceptible to pests. We recommend that you check on your plants regularly to catch any pest infestation in the early stages. Spider mites, thrips, white flies and aphids are the most common ones on veggies and herbs.

cucumber in window

One perfect crop that you can grow indoors is tomato. Tomatoes can be grown indoors in a sunny window, although it will be a slow process. You will have to provide a strong light source as tomatoes need a lot of light to grow and bear fruit. Tomatoes will grow in a container with good drainage, and they might need to be staked or caged to support the weight of the fruit. Make sure you choose a small sized variety, so you don't end up with a too big plant, and only plant one per pot.

Herbs such as basil, cilantro, and parsley can also be grown in a windowsill and will provide fresh flavor to your cooking all year round. Simply plant the herbs in a container with well-draining soil and place them in a sunny window. Be sure to keep the soil consistently moist, and don't forget to harvest the herbs regularly to promote new growth.

Other vegetables that can be grown indoors include bell peppers, chili peppers, and eggplants. These plants prefer warm temperatures and lots of light, so they will need to be placed in a south-facing window. Keep the soil consistently moist and fertilize regularly for the best results.

In conclusion, growing vegetables indoors in a window can be a fun and rewarding way to enjoy fresh produce year-round. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy fresh herbs, tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers, and eggplants all year long. Remember to provide plenty of light and keep the soil consistently moist, and you'll be enjoying fresh, homegrown produce in no time.


Here's a list of suitable crops to grow indoors

Not all types of fruits and vegetables can be grown indoors. Their demands can be just too difficult to meet such as the time from seed to harvest, temperature shifts throughout the day, and other environmental factors. Apples, raspberries, mango and grapes are example of some crops that probably won't give you any harvest if they are grown indoors.

Plants that is perfectly suitable on the other hands are these

  • Ginger

  • Tomato

  • Pepper

  • Physalis

  • Tomatillo

  • Lettuce and other leafy greens

  • Cucumber

  • Basil and other herbs

  • Garlic and onion for their leaves

  • Passion fruit

  • Malabar spinach

  • Lemon grass

  • Sprouts