How to fertilize Succulents

How to fertilize Succulents

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How to fertilize succulents

Even if succulents can live for a while without any added fertilizer, they'll sure benefit from getting some new nutrients from time to time. Fertilizer can help them to grow better, keep them healthier and increase the vibrancy of their colors.

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Choose the best fertilizer

You can use any fertilizer suited for Succulents or any balanced fertilizer

  • Some examples when it comes to NPK*: 10-10-10, or 20-20-20.

  • If you're using a fertilizer not specific for succulents, dilute it a bit more than recommended in the beginning.

* NPK: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)

Recommended fertilizers

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This is how to fertilize succulents

  • Mix the right amount of fertilizer with water according to the instructions on the package (or dilute it a bit more if it's not a fertilizer suited for succulents).

  • Pour the solution over the soil

  • Important: make sure not to get any solution on the stems and leaves

  • Continue adding the solution to the pot until it starts to run out of the drainage holes in the bottom

  • After about 30 minutes, check that the pot isn’t sitting in water - and if needed pour off excess water