How to fertilize Herbs

How to fertilize Herbs

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How to fertilize herbs

If you want tasty, healthy and fast growing herbs you should provide them some rich fertilizer to boost them.

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Choose the best fertilizer

If you're going to eat what you're growing, we would recommend that you choose a fertilizer that's suited for edible crops (and if possible choose an organic one as well).

Herbs aren't that picky about what type of fertilizer they want and you can try an all-round fertilizer for potted plants, fertilizer for vegetables or a fertilizer suited for the garden. The most important thing is that it's suited for edible plants.

Recommended fertilizers

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This is how to fertilize herbs

  • Mix the right amount of fertilizer with water according to the instructions on the package

  • Pour the solution over the soil

  • If possible, try to avoid getting the solution on the stems and leaves

  • Continue adding the solution to the pot until it starts to run out of the drainage holes in the bottom

  • After about 1 hour, check that the pot isn’t sitting in water - and if needed pour off excess water