Why you shouldn't fertilize your Carnivore plants

Why you shouldn't fertilize your Carnivore plants

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In general, carnivorous plants don't like or need regular fertilizer. In fact, almost any fertilizer can actually kill them instantly, which is why we don't recommend that you fertilize your carnivorous plants. There are however some things that you can feed them if you like, such as:

  • Small bugs that they would have been able to catch on their own (don't feed them too often / too much or with really big bugs / other animals).

  • Fish Flakes & Crushed Pellets are actually great options for carnivore plants since they contain several nutrients that carnivore plants can absorb.

  • Freeze-dried Bloodworms are also a great option and can help boost plant health and disease resistance.

  • Fertilizer for carnivorous plants. Yes, there are some fertilizers that are made for carnivorous plants. These ones are really gentle fertilizers specifically made for these sensitive plants, but even if they are adapted and gentle they should still be used with caution and not very often at all.

To sum it up: use any type of fertilizer / food with caution and cut back if the leaves or pitchers start to look burned. In fact, it might be better not to fertilize / feed your plant at all.

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