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Semi-hydro, Lechuza pon, hydroculture, passive hydroponics, soil free, pon and so on are all different names for growing your plants in Semi-hydroponic.

This is a trendy way to grow your plants where you replace all the soil with an inert growing medium and have the pot placed in any kind of water reservoir. With capillary action, the plant gets semi-self watering.

The key is that the roots shouldn’t touch the water, but instead, the growing medium absorbs water and nutrients and then releases it to the roots when the plant absorbs water. 

Inert growing mediums that are perfect for semi-hydroponic

  • LECA

  • Volcanic minerals like Pumice, Zeolite, Perlite, Scoria

Keep in mind that some of these growing mediums need to be rinsed before use!

semi-hydro roots leca