Epiphytic soil mix

Epiphytic soil mix

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Epiphytic soil

Plants that are found growing up in trees are called epiphytes or hemi-epiphytes and don't really need soil to be able to grow. They are more reliable on a growing medium that can supply them with some moisture and something to attach their roots to. The growing medium should be fast draining, retain some water and supply a lot of oxygen to the roots.

When you look for a soil for your epiphytic plants, you should search for a chunky mix with good airflow and components like fir bark, tree fern fibers, coconut coir, perlite and chopped sphagnum.

Mix your own

If you want to make your own soil for your epiphytic plants, you can mix these components:

  • Fir bark

  • Perlite or pumice

  • Compost or all-purpose potting soil

  • Chopped Sphagnum moss

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