Carnivores Plant Mix

Carnivores Plant Mix

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Carnivores plant mix

Carnivorous plants thrive in soil mixes with barely any nutrients - they can even die if they grow in nutrient-rich mixes or if they get watered with fertilizing. They do also require a soil mix that is well draining and allows small pockets of air. Ordinary potting soil will unfortunately not work out for your carnivorous plants so we highly recommend that you stick to a more suitable soil which will keep its roots healthy and the plant thriving. There are several different mixes for carnivores but they can be hard to find, you can look at your local shops or online or you can make your own mix.

Example of suitable ingredients for your perfect carnivore soil

  • Perlite

  • Sand (sharp silica or quartz sand, sizes 1.5 to 2 mm)

  • Unfertilized peat moss

carnivore soil